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Top 7 Advantages Of Swaddling A Newborn Baby

Swaddling is a practice that has been used around the world for centuries, originating from as far back as 4000 BC. There are numerous advantages to swaddling a baby. It soothes and calms babies and helps them sleep quite longer. Numerous studies have found that infants are quieter, sleep more, and generally have stable and lower heart rates when swaddled. In simple words, swaddling is a safe and wonderful method to calm and comfort newborn babies. Let us get started with a step-by-step guide to swaddling a newborn baby, and later we will browse some major advantages of swaddling. 

Advantages Of Swaddling A Baby

Swaddling a baby can mimic the womb and help your baby sleep longer. It has a wide range of benefits, let us find more about them: 

Moderates The Moro Reflex

One of the major benefits of swaddling a newborn baby is that it helps reduce the effects of the Moro or startle reflex. It is a normal neurological response that causes newborn babies to feel as if they are free falling. It is quite normal in the first three to four months of their lives. 

Studies reveal that the Moro reflex is a sign of a healthy infant but can also affect sleep. Moreover, it causes them to have involuntary movements that easily wake them. However, swaddling your baby will prevent those movements and allow for a more pleasant sleep. 

Mimics The Womb

 A sudden transition from the womb to the world can be difficult for your newborn baby. For newborn babies, a cold and bright world could be a different thing altogether. However, swaddling can help recreate a more secure and cozy feeling in the womb, making this transition trouble-free.

Mimics The Soothing Touch

It is scientifically proven that touch triggers a self-soothing response in the human brain. It also stabilizes the blood pressure and heart rate, reducing cortisol levels. It can be said that touch is fundamental for healthy infant development. Moreover, a cozy swaddle helps to mimic a mother’s touch. It will also help your baby sleep quite longer with fewer disturbances. 

You must have noticed that newborn babies fall asleep more quickly, and swaddling can also improve their sleep. If they sleep better, you will sleep better. 

Helps Regulate Temperature

One of the significant advantages of swaddling a newborn baby is that it will help maintain the optimal temperature. You would love to know that the newborn swaddle set boy of TodHut does not overheat. Also, it is advised not to double swaddle as it increases the chances of sudden death infant syndrome or SIDs. Our swaddle cloth is made with 100% breathable fabric that will keep your infant quite warm and cozy without the danger of overheating. 

Several experts also suggest that your room temperature should be around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure your baby’s skin should feel comfortable and not too warm after being swaddled. 

Helps Alleviate Colic

Colic can be defined as a condition in which children cry continuously; it is thought to result from a developing digestive system. Any parent who has experienced their infants with colic would agree that it is one of the toughest parenting experiences. Generally, parents find it quite hard to calm their babies. 

One of the major benefits of swaddling your baby is that it can have a calming therapeutic effect by applying slight pressure on the belly. The swaddle looks like a cocoon and provides your baby with relief. 

Reduces Incidents Of SIDs

Swaddling is considered quite safe and effective. A report released by the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) states that swaddling helps maintain the supine position during sleep. Studies also reveal that infants placed to sleep on their stomachs are prone to sudden infant death syndrome. 

Newborn babies should always sleep on their back and never on their side or stomach. If your baby is swaddled in the supine position, your baby will maintain a safe sleep position, reducing the risk of SIDs. 

Moreover, loose blankets also pose a danger to your baby’s health as they increase the chances of suffocation. A swaddle wrap also restricts your baby’s arms and helps prevent babies from pulling clothes and loose bed sheets over their heads. 

Moreover, loose blankets also pose a danger to your baby’s health as they increase the chances of suffocation. A swaddle wrap also restricts your baby’s arms and helps prevent babies from pulling clothes and loose bed sheets over their heads. 

Make Babies Happier

These were some of the benefits of swaddling a baby but did you know that it also triggers a relaxation mechanism in infants? A famous pediatrician of the United States, Dr. Harvey Karp, states the same in his book, ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block.’ 

Step By Step Guide To Swaddle

Swaddling a newborn baby can be a daunting task for many but wrapping up your baby only takes a few steps. Let us find out how to swaddle a newborn baby?

  • Spread the swaddling cloth of your baby out in the shape of a diamond with one corner pointing up on a flat surface. Later fold the top corner down about six inches. 
  • The head of the baby should sit above the folded edge of the blanket, and the body should extend straight down the bottom corner. 
  • Take the left side of the swaddling cloth and wrap it over the left arm and chest. Tuck the newborn baby swaddle below the right arm and back; this will cover the left arm while the right arm will be free.
  • Fold the bottom corner of the cloth up over the body and tuck it under the first fold. Straighten the right arm, pull the cloth’s right side over the body, and tuck it under the left side. 
  • After that, twist the bottom of the blanket and tuck it underneath your newborn baby. One needs to keep in mind a few things, such as the swaddle wrap for newborn should be cozy and not tight. You should be able to put three fingers between the chest and the cloth. Make sure the cloth is loose around the hips so that babies can move their legs free. 
  • If your baby likes having arms free, leaving either one or both arms out of the swaddle is fine. 

After reading the major benefits and a step-by-step guide, you must be eagerly waiting to browse some fascinating swaddle cloth. So, let us find some swaddle cloths on the TodHut website without further ado. 

Sunset Waves Swaddle & Burp Cloth Set

When it comes to a swaddle, you can’t just choose anything. The swaddle and burp cloth set by TodHut is quite soft and elegant. It is made with 100% cotton. It comes in a 120 x 120 cm size. Moreover, your baby would look super cute when swaddled in this cloth. Furthermore, it can be used as a nursing cover. It is priced at only $22 on the TodHut website. 

Newborn-Baby-Sunset-Waves Swaddle-Burp-Cloth-Set

Rose And Petal Swaddle & Burp Cloth Set

Once your baby grows up, you will require a swaddle cloth that allows their arms to hang out to keep them safe. It is specially designed to make sleep quite cozy and comfortable. You would love to know that you can use it as a playtime mat, bedtime blanket, or stroller cover. Moreover, it is great for all temperatures and can handle a bit of moisture as well. Buy this swaddle & burp cloth for only $22 on the website. Rose and Petal Swaddle & Burp Cloth Set

Apart from the swaddle cloth set, we have a wide range of clothes for baby girls and boys. Our products are made with top-notch fabrics available at the most affordable prices. Here at TodHut, we strive to bring style and comfort together for your newborn babies. Head over to our website if you have any queries regarding our products. 

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